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Tier 1 (Proofreading)

$175 minimum charge as a single service
1.40¢ per word

$125 minimum charge when added to an edit
1.10¢ per word (Save 25%!)

Proofreading ensures your manuscript is picture perfect—everything is spelled right and looks good. This is our most basic service and is useful for authors who only want a high-level edit that focuses on mechanics and grammar. A Professional Evaluation may be added to this edit at 25% off!


Tier 1 service includes proofreading your book and also (free of charge) your synopsis, blurbs, and query letters.

If you select this service, we will check your entire manuscript for grammar, sentence structure, spelling, dropped quotation marks, indenting, and other grammatical and basic manuscript formatting errors. The fee includes one submission for proofreading. Additional submissions, if desired, are billed at $35/hour and prorated by the quarter hour after the first hour. Fact-checking is also available for a separate hourly charge.

A Professional Evaluation can be added to your proofread for 25% off the normal price.


Do I Need a Proofread or a Copyedit?

Proofreading, also known as light copyediting, is intended to catch grammatical or basic formatting errors and nothing more. If your goal is to simply identify misspelled words, fix mechanics such as hyphens/dashes, capitalization, and apostrophes, or correct sentences with structure problems, proofreading is for you. Another good explanation is here

True copyediting goes a step further by making improvements—or suggestions for improvements—to the grammatical and basic formatting errors found in your work. Copyediting watches for inconsistencies, discrepancies, redundancies, plot holes, and loose ends, and offers suggestions for audience clarity. If you are looking for corrected errors and recommendations on how to improve your writing and your book, copyediting is for you.




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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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