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Susan Uttendorfsky is a phenomenal editor! Any editor corrects grammar, sentence structure and all of the mechanical details related to writing. Susan enables the author to actually develop their ideas for writing. My experience with Susan as I completed my Faith Forward series with her was extraordinary. She challenged me to dig deeper into the context of my writing. She even disputed points by giving me sound objectives and logic to help me come to my own conclusions. Her expertise in research and for writing trends continually shaped the best presentation of my writing for publication.

I’ve come to rely on her expertise as an editor during the long-term work on my first two books, Faith Forward: Wellness Tools for Creating Change—A Women’s Three-Point Harmony of Body, Mind, and Spirit and Faith Forward: The Workbook—Creating Change Through Body, Mind, and Spirit Connections With Education, Inspiration, and Organization, as well as Faith Forward: The Planner and subsequent miscellaneous materials. So I again chose Susan to work on my new publication, “The Walk of Faith—Triumph in Troubled Times.” Her excellent customer service is worth it, and she also did the formatting this time. Working with Susan is a win-win!

October 31, 2018

Year first hired: 2014; hired more than once

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