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Susan Uttendorfsky, d/b/a/ Adirondack Editing, asked me for a letter of reference. She has been editing my fiction novel for six months. She has done everything she said she would do. I hold her in very high regard.

In my opinion, Susan is extremely well versed in the rules of classical writing, which are very different from the conversational tone used by many beginning authors. She references her corrections so the writer can learn from published instructional works.

If a would-be author wants to write correctly, can take criticism in the well-intended spirit in which it is given, and increase his or her chances of being selected for publishing by the major publishers, Susan can and will help.

As for me, I am committed to achieving the classical style Susan uses for her benchmark. I am so committed because I believe in Susan and the documented correctness of her editing. If choosing Susan, prospective writers need to be willing to "significantly change, add and delete" work they believe is bordering on greatness to the extent that when finished it may not look like their original work. I have often thought Susan limited her author's creativity due to her inflexibility. Yet each time she has been proven right. If you want unbridled adoration, have it edited by a close friend but don't waste Susan's time. Pay someone to publish your work and lay claim to "being published", but you probably won't sell many books and future generations won't know your name.

In conclusion, if one wants to be a serious writer whose work is of the quality that may be considered by major publishers, then I highly recommend Susan Uttendorfsky. It is sometimes painful to have one's work corrected because she wants and demands excellence from her writers and, thus, pulls no punches. If you want a good book to become great, critical editing is a must and I know of none better or more (sometimes brutally) honest than Susan Uttendorfsky.

July 16, 2012

Year first hired: 2012

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