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Janice Safran: Freelance Copyeditor

Susan Uttendorfsky-- May she never lack for praise or chocolate! She is thorough and also tremendously generous with her time. She is more a mentor to authors than a mere editor.

March 24, 2013

Year first hired: 2013

Adrienne Cliver: Devine Felines

I am writing a children's book, and I contacted Susan Uttendorfsky at Adirondack Editing. She was very professional and did a great job editing my book. I was very pleased. I would not want anyone else to edit my book for me. I will use Adirondack Editing in the near future for all of my books . It is a true pleasure working with Susan. I highly recommend Adirondack Editing to everyone.

July 3, 2012

Year first hired: 2012

Todd Allen: Battles de l’Amour

I am very happy to recommend Susan Uttendorfsky of Adirondack Editing. Her editing skills have truly taken my writing knowledge to another level. She is not only very thorough in what she does, but she also takes the time to offer a multitude of other options for you as a writer to enhance you skills and understanding of the writing world. She has a deep foresight and vision for editing.

It was truly a pleasurable experience working with her.

September 24, 2012

Year first hired: 2012

Richard James: Transcending Gulag

I have been wanting a professional editor to look over my work for years. I stumbled onto Susan through the internet at the perfect time--serendipity at its best. Susan is incredibly skilled at what she does. I chose her mid-level service and it was amazing and helpful. Her breakdown of my writing strengths and weaknesses was a surprise and incredibly useful. I'm writing better already.

I had her edit my first novel and Book 2 of the set is next, after I apply what I learned from her. I have written a third novel and she will get that, too. I already recommended her to another writer and will continue to do so. I give her five stars!

October 1, 2014

Year first hired: 2014; hired more than once

Deborah Wise: Some Secret Place

I chose Susan as my editor because for a year I read her blogs giving advice to writers, and found them more helpful than anything else I read. When I initially contacted her, she made it obvious that she was ready and eager to meet my exact needs.

The editing service she subsequently provided was prompt, thorough, and within my budget. I have found working with Susan to be an enjoyable experience above and beyond my expectations.

July 25, 2014

Year first hired: 2014

Kameron Bryant-Sergejev: I Never Went to School

I had just completed the first draft of my memoir when I ran into Susan on the LI group Aspiring Authors. As a first-time author, I wanted to go through the process of editing my manuscript with someone who acted as a mentor and teacher, so I could learn as much as possible. Susan offers Tier 4, which starts with a manuscript evaluation and developmental edit and ends with a thorough copyedit and proofread. After I saw Susan’s sample edit, I knew I was in the right place. She didn’t let anything slip by, but she wasn’t brutal in her comments.

Now, having completed the edits and mentorship under Susan’s accurate eyes, I can actually be confident in presenting my book to literary agents and publishers. For the money I spent, I got a solid manuscript and a better understanding of what I need to work on as a writer—not to mention all the tiny grammatical details to watch out for. At all times Susan was very professional, while remaining completely approachable. I’m sure I’ll be a repeat client!

December 18, 2015

Year first hired: 2015; hired more than once

Larry Laswell: Vows to the Fallen

Susan provided two services for me. First I submitted my manuscript to her for what she calls "Extraction." She has a fantastic tool that rates the writing based on word frequency, and it was an eye-opener. I have used what I learned to improve my craft. Also, the same tool found several spelling mistakes and inconsistencies in my manuscript that three editors had missed.

Next she provided an analysis of the manuscript based on a review of plot, theme development, and characterization. Her insights were right on the mark and were also eye-openers. I have used her feedback to sharpen the focus of my next novel, “Vows to the Fallen,” as well as improve my craft.

If you want to learn something about your manuscript and writing style—and things that no one else will find—contact Susan.

February 19, 2015

Year first hired: 2015; hired more than once

Ria Wood: The Novel Writer’s Ultimate Guide

Susan worked on editing my book and other projects. She provided punctual results and exceeded my expectations in all areas. Susan is a professional editor with high attention to detail and accuracy. I would recommend Susan to anyone wanting to improve their written work.

May 6, 2013

Year first hired: 2013; hired more than once

Dale Musser: Solbidyum Wars Saga Book 3—Pirates of the Goo’Waddle Canals

I contacted Susan to edit book three in the SOLBIDYUM WARS SAGA when my previous editor was unable to get to the book in a timely fashion due to prior commitments. I liked the choice of editing packages she had to offer and I was pleased with her willingness to work with me regarding specific editing requirements. Susan was easy to work with, she kept me informed of her progress and she worked within the timetable we had discussed. I was pleased with the edited manuscript she provided me and I will not hesitate to use her again if a similar editing situation arises.

September 5, 2014

Year first hired: 2014

Jeff Dickinson: So There We Were: River Running in the Hudson Gorge

As someone new to book writing I am very grateful for the editing job from Susan and Adirondack Editing. I found the work helpful on both a professional and personal basis with clear directions and encouraging words.

May 30, 2014

 Year first hired: 2013

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