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Jules Orion: The Last True Stargazer Trilogy: The Chronicles of Kate Cameron

Your comments are witty and humorous—I can laugh while I work out the kinks. I am very impressed with your work. Your attention to detail is unparalleled, and I can tell you dedicated a great deal of time to my book. Thank you!

December 2, 2020

Barry Freeman: A Tale of Two Lawyers, The Wanted, And Other Immoral Purposes, and Amed's List

Susan is a competent and thorough editor. She has an in-depth knowledge in the areas critical to good editing and adds a sense of humor to the process. She has inspired me to reeducate myself in the basics of good writing, which her editing revealed as painfully lacking. Susan has just edited my fourth novel, Ahmed's List, which is now on the market. Even after four, it is amazing how many elementary mistakes I missed which she caught.

May 21, 2019

Year first hired: 2013 (hired more than once)

Marcia T. Caton: My Babysitter is a Smartphone

Thank you for your invaluable assistance with my book and helping me achieve an important personal goal. You were a pleasure to work with: professional, funny, dedicated, and enthusiastic.

September 10, 2018

Year first hired: 2018

Elke Feuer: For the Love of Jazz, Deadly Race, Persuading Lola, Jumpstart Your Writing Routine, Jumpstart Your Social Media

I’ve worked with Susan on multiple projects both large and small, ranging from workbooks to eBooks. She’s always professional and extremely thorough with her advice. I always recommend her to the writers in my writing group, and on my business website as a must use editor. Every writer I’ve recommended her to have raved about her and the services she provides. If you need an editor, Susan is the best choice.

March 3, 2017

Year first hired: 2013; hired more than once

David Oliver: Alliance Metamorphosis, Alliance Evolution

I’ve worked with Susan on two projects now, one still in progress. She brought a much needed perspective to my writing and taught me much about the craft. Her insights and willingness to collaborate when we wandered into cultural issues related to the story were professional and perceptive. She researched anything we were unsure about and got the answers. Our collaboration resulted in a glowing independent review: 5 stars! I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

December 12, 2020

Year first hired: 2019; hired more than once

Dale W. Cox: Edible Knowledge® Series Workbooks

I have worked with Susan at Adirondack Editing to edit four food science books so far and found the experience more enjoyable each time. Susan is very thorough, always providing helpful comments and guidance. She also has a great sense of humor, which made the process enjoyable for both of us. I look forward to working on more books with Susan and Adirondack Editing soon!</h3

March 5, 2021

Year first hired: 2018; hired more than once

Meghan Marsden: The Way Forward

Susan, I cannot tell you how you have helped me. You've taken a completely stuck, non-manuscript, and helped it over the wall to become the start of an actual manuscript. I couldn't be more grateful. Now, rip it apart, and let's make it even better. I'm not paying you to pat me on the head after all. ;-)

August 2, 2020

Jean Grainger series: The Tour, Carmel Sheehan, Robinswood, The Star & The Shamrock; and multiple standalone volumes

I love working with Abby [Jaworski] and I feel with each book we get each other more and more. I’ve learned a lot from her – also I have trouble with numbers as I mentioned so she’s extra careful that all my dates and ages match up. My books are going from strength to strength and it Abby is a big part of that success. The idea that reading my books isn’t a chore is a great comfort!

June 15, 2020

Year first hired: 2018 (hired more than 10 times)

Martin Tabat: Welcome to the Galaxy, Welcome to the Universe, and Generating Effluence

The services of Susan Uttendorfsky at Adirondack Editing are essential for any author who wants to polish their work to brilliancy. Susan’s dedication to perfection ensured my manuscript was ready for publication. You won’t be disappointed.

October 29, 2018

Year first hired: 2016; hired more than once

Andrew D. Connell: Sean Livingstone Adventure Series and the Extinction Academy Series

Susan has now completed all four books in my Sean Livingstone Adventure Series. Our collaboration started back in 2015 and is going stronger than ever in 2021. Over the last six years I have not had to revisit any of my books to fix anything; a testament to her incredible skills. With a new series in the pipeline, I know I’m in safe hands with Susan and Adirondack Editing when it comes to proofreading and adding those final polishes. Susan’s level of attention, detail, and insight across all levels of a manuscript is not only reassuring, but inspiring. If you take the time to carefully evaluate her comments/fixes, then you’re getting more than just a markup or edit. It’s like paying for a writing course with the added benefit of completing your manuscript. Whatever tier you decide to pursue, her professionalism is unparalleled and amazing value.

January 25, 2021

Year first hired: 2015; hired more than once

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