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Information About Sample Edits


Adirondack Editing requires a sample of your work for us to edit before we accept you as a client. Typically, samples are handled by the owner, Susan Uttendorfsky. For customers requesting Tier 3 developmental editing, however, if Susan is not available, an editor who is available will perform the sample because you will be working closely with that editor for some time. We want to make sure you and the editor are compatible! 

Submitting a sample benefits you because you are able to see ahead of time the types of edits Adirondack Editing will make.

Please send consecutive pages from the middle of your book (the middle is less polished and allows a more honest appraisal of your writing skills):


  • If your manuscript is less than 25 pages long, we do not require a sample edit, but you are welcome to submit a page or two to see the kind of work we perform.
  • If your manuscript is 25-49 pages long—send two (2) consecutive pages
  • 50-150 pages long—send five (5) consecutive pages
  • 151+ pages long—send ten (10) consecutive pages


Unfortunately, sample edits have been abused.  On the five- and ten-page samples, only the first two pages will be returned as a sample.


Email Microsoft Word document samples as an attachment. Your sample will be edited with Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature and returned via email. We will let you know which editing tier seems to provide the most benefit for your writing; of course, the choice is up to you. 


Please keep this in mind, though:

If we feel strongly your work needs a Tier 2 or 3 edit, providing a Tier 1 proofread would be like trying to “spin straw into gold.” You may end up with a grammatically correct MS that still has problems.


We’re not out to fleece you, and our rates are comparable to other editors who provide similar services. We want to assist you in creating the best possible book!


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