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Your Grass is Greener by Jason Silver, (Ideapress Publishing, Kameron Bryant-Sergejev), April 2024, Nonfiction–Self Help & Philosophy, 50.5k words
The Dragon Sonnets by Katherine Link, April 2024, YA/Adult fiction—Fantasy, 18.5k words
The Trouble With Soul Mates by Elke Feuer, April 2024, Adult fiction—Contemporary Romance, 77k words
Destiny Rides Shotgun, An Epic True Story Adventure by Duane Eastman, March 2024, Nonfiction Travel & Philosophy, 82k words
G.O.D.: Galactic Order of Demonstration by Amy Nanette Glin, January 2024, Spiritual Fiction/Humor, 61k words (formatting for print & ebook)

2023 (17)

The Renovation by Elke Feuer, December 2023, Adult fiction—Romantic Suspense, 74k words
Rivers of Wrath (Cullen’s Celtic Cabaret Book 3) by Jean Grainger, November 2023, Adult novel–Irish Historical, 90k words, editorial management
Stargazer Trilogy (Books 1, 2, and 3) (Proofread #3) by Jules Orion, July–November 2023, Adult novel—Science Fiction, 247k words
A Beautiful Ferocity (Cullen’s Celtic Cabaret Book 2) by Jean Grainger, September 2023, Adult novel–Irish Historical, 81k words, editorial management
Turnabout is Fair Play: A Cora Evens Murder Mystery by Jackie Towne, September 2023, Adult novel–Mystery, 88k words
Oh My! by Mikayla Herrick, June 2023, Children’s Picture Book, 112 words
For All the World (Cullen’s Celtic Cabaret Book 1) by Jean Grainger, August 2023, Adult novel–Irish Historical, 91k words, editorial management
Good Awkward: How to Embrace the Embarrassing and Celebrate the Cringe to Become the Bravest You by Henna Pryor (Ideapress Publishing, Kameron Bryant-Sergejev), Nonfiction–Self-Help, May 2023, 46k words
Each To Their Own (Mags Book 3) by Jean Grainger, April 2023, Adult novel–Irish Contemporary, 83k words, editorial management
Intimate Fractures: The Aftermath of a Rape by Wagih Abu-Rish, October 2022–April 2023, Adult novel–Trauma, 75k words (developmental edit, copyedit, proofread)
Through the Fire: From Health Scare to Survival Memoir by Ann Bayah, April 2023, Nonfiction–Memoir, 19k words
Saving Elvis by Mary Yancy-Wheat, February 2023, Adult/YA novel–Alternate history, 33k words
Book 1, Flame: Extinction Academy series by Andrew Connell, February 2023, Adult/YA–Science Fiction, 76k words
A Silent Understanding (Kilteegan Bridge Book 5) by Jean Grainger, February 2023, Adult novel–Irish Contemporary, 98k words, editorial management
LIQuID 5 by Patti Kresner, January 2023, Adult novel–Science Fiction, 99k words (beta read and proofread)

2022 (51)

The Future Normal: How We Will Live, Work and Thrive in the Next Decade by Rohit Bhargava & Henry Coutinho-Mason (Ideapress Publishing, Kameron Bryant-Sergejev), December 2022, Nonfiction—Technology, 68k words
When Irish Eyes Are Lying by Jean Grainger (Book 4 in the Kilteegan Bridge series), December 2022, Adult novel—Irish Contemporary, 84k words, editorial management
More Harm Than Good by Jean Grainger (Book 3 in the Kilteegan Bridge series), October 2022, Adult novel—Irish Contemporary, 82k words, editorial management
Getting Started by Mason Crest / National Highlights, September 2022–February 2023, Nonfiction—Career Education, 165k words (copyediting) • Careers in Business, • Construction, • Engineering, • Nursing, • Safety and Security, • Social Media and the Web, • Sports, Therapy and Rehab, • The Environment
The Coming Storm by Eoin Dempsey (Book 5 in the Lion’s Den series), September 2022, Adult novel—Historical Fiction, 80k words
What Divides Us by Jean Grainger (Book 2 in the Kilteegan Bridge series), September 2022, Adult novel—Irish Literary, 85.5k words, editorial management
I Hear Laughter by Lynn Bright, August 2022, Nonfiction—Memoir, 50k words (evaluation)
Parenting in a Transgender World by Erin Brewer, July 2022, Nonfiction Education—Parenting, 34k words (proofread & formatting)
Growing Wild in the Shade by Jean Grainger (Book 2 in the Mags Munroe series), July 2022, Adult novel—Irish Contemporary, 77.5k words, editorial management
The Grand Illusion by Eoin Dempsey (Book 4 in the Lion’s Den series), June 2022, Adult novel—Historical Fiction, 73k words
Catriona’s War by Jean Grainger, May 2022, Adult novel—Irish Historical, 30k words
Prisoners of Air by Taylor Nieland, May 2022, Adult novel—Fantasy, 83k words (copyedit & proofread)
This Way Forward by Meghan Marsden, April 2022, Adult novel—Women’s Suspense/Mystery, 41.5k words (beta read)
Spark by Andrew Connell (Prequel to the Extinction Academy series), April 2022, YA/adult novella—Science Fiction/Fantasy, 18.5k words
Careers in Infrastructure by Mason Crest / National Highlights, January–April 2022, Nonfiction—Career Education, 162k words (copyediting) • Advanced Manufacturing Technicians, • Aircraft Mechanics, • Civil Engineering, • Electricians, • Environmental Engineering Technicians, • Logisticians, • Plumbers, • Solar Power Technicians, • Truck and Transportation Drivers, • Wind Turbine Technicians
The Trouble with Secrets by Jean Grainger (Book 1 in the Kilteegan Bridge series), April 2022, Adult novel—Irish Historical Fiction, 90k words, editorial management
The New Weather by Mason Crest / National Highlights, January–March 2022, Nonfiction—Education, 70k words (copyediting) • Extreme Weather, • The Climate System, • Amazing Weather Facts, • The Climate & Weather
The Golden Age by Eoin Dempsey (Book 3 in the Lion’s Den series), March 2022, Adult novel—Historical Fiction, 75.5k words
The Existential Worries of Mags Munroe by Jean Grainger (Book 1 in the Mags Munroe series), February 2022, Adult novel—Irish Literary, 74k words, editorial management
Stargazer Trilogy (Books 1, 2, and 3) by Jules Orion, January 2022, Adult novel—Science Fiction, 214k words (second proofread)
Roaring Liberty by Jean Grainger (Book 4 in the Harp series), January 2022, Adult novel—Irish Historical Fiction, 96.5k words, editorial management
Jean Grainger (11 previously published books), August 2020–May 2022, Adult novels—Irish Historical/Literary, 985k words total (some editorial management) • The Tour, Safe At the Edge Of the World, and The Story of Grenville King (Books 1–3 in The Tour series), • What Once Was True (Book 1 of the Robinswood series), • Shadow of a Century, So Much Owed, Under Heaven’s Shining Stars, and Catriona’s War (all standalone), • Letters of Freedom, What Will Be Will Be, The Future’s Not Ours to See (Books 1–3 in the Carmel Sheehan series)

2021 (38)

New Dawn by Eoin Dempsey (Book 2 in the Lion’s Den series), November 2021, Adult novel—Historical Fiction, 76k words
Finni: The Little Boy and The Albatross Feather by Faro, November 2021, Children’s book—Fairy tale/picture book, 800 words
Transing Our Children by Erin Brewer and Maria Keffler, September 2021, Nonfiction—Medical Information, 40k words
Contemporary Issues: The COVID-19 Pandemic by Mason Crest / National Highlights, September 2021, Nonfiction—Education, 17.5k words
Stargazer Trilogy by Jules Orion, September 2021, Adult novel—Science Fiction, High-quality photo creation
Benu The Big Blue Parrot by Becki Stewart, August 2021, Children’s Book—Nature, 300 words
Last Port of Call, The West’s Awake, The Harp & The Rose (Books 1–3 in the Harp series) Jean Grainger, Irish Historical Fiction, December 2020–August 2021, Adult novel—Irish Historical/Literary, 254k words total, editorial management
Contemporary Issues: Entertainment & Video Games by Mason Crest / National Highlights, August 2021, Nonfiction—Education, 20k words
The Lion’s Den by Eoin Dempsey (Book 1 in the Lion’s Den series), July 2021, Adult novel—Historical Fiction, 75k words
Stargazer Trilogy by Jules Orion, February–July 2021, Adult novel—Science Fiction, 216.5k word (beta read & first proofread)
Jack’s Gift by Dorine Andrews, March–June 2021, Adult novel—Historical Fiction, 75k words (copyedit & proofread)
Stop in Nevada by Christopher Madden, May 2021, Contemporary Short Story, 5k words (evaluation & editing)
Neanderthals: The Experiment by Serag Monier, December 2020–April 2021, Adult novel—Science Fiction, 70k words
Women in STEM Careers by Mason Crest / National Highlights, July 2019–March 2021 (COVID-19 interruption), Nonfiction—Education, Career Education, 290k words (content and layout proofing) • Women in Engineering, • Environmental Sciences, • Space Exploration, • Physics, • Anthropology, • Chemistry, • Information Technology, • Medicine, • Women Inventors, • Women Who Built Our Scientific Foundations
Physical Therapist Assistants by Andy Morkes, College & Career Press, March 2021, Nonfiction—Career Education, 12k words
Living With Dogs by Mason Crest / National Highlights, September 2019–March 2021 (COVID-19 interruption), Nonfiction—Education, 60k words, editorial management (content and layout proofing) • Service Dogs, • Dog Ownership & Training, • Rescue & Adoption, • Therapy Dogs, • Dogs as Heroes
How to Hire Great Salespeople by Kameron Bryant-Sergejev, February 2021, Nonfiction—Business Information, 45k words
Web Developer (Careers with Earning Potential series) by Mason Crest / National Highlights, February 2021, Nonfiction—Career Education, 21.5k words, editorial management
Assassination in Santo Domingo by Barry Freeman, February 2021, Adult novel—Historical Thriller, 79k words
The Non-Obvious Guide to Magical Meetings: Reinvent How Your Team Works Together by Douglas Ferguson and John Fitch (Ideapress Publishing, Kameron Bryant-Sergejev), January 2021, Nonfiction—Business Information, 28k words
Keys to Bitcoin by Raphael Meyer, January 2021, Nonfiction—Tech Information, 34.5k words

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