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Edited books used American spellings and style unless otherwise indicated.

Adirondack Editing’s professionals have, collectively, edited 300+ books and materials. This is just a small sample of recent titles. For a full chronological project list, click here. For a list of edited books available on, click here.



Second Chances by Gene Hilgreen, March–June 2018, Adult—Fiction, Suspense, 58k words

Dina by Ilan Arad, November 2017, Adult novel—Women’s fiction, suspense, 60k words, publisher editorial management

A Burning Mountain Falls by Richard James, October–December 2017, Adult novel—Action/Adventure/Thriller, 92.5k words

California Triangle (International Espionage Book 3) by Uzi Eilam, September–October 2017, Adult novel—Spy suspense/thriller, 75.5k words, publisher editorial management

The Rage and Power of Avner Herlich by Pini Elazari, August 2017, Adult novel—Suspense thriller (military), 99k words, publisher editorial management



Careers Making a Difference by Mason Crest / National Highlights, June 2018 to Present, Non-fiction—Career Education/High School, 65k words

  • Helping Victims, June 2018
  • Helping Seniors
  • Helping those in Poverty
  • Helping those with Addiction
  • Helping those with Mental Illness
  • Helping Animals


The Happiness Triangle by Dieudonne D’amour Nordkvist, May 2018, Non-fiction—Self-help/Philosophical, 14.5k words, Developmental Editing and Copyediting

Let the Champions Run and Watch Our Universities Soar: The Plight of Higher Education in the United States, Book 3, by Philip Carlton Williams, May 2018, Non-fiction—Higher Education, 26k words, editorial management

Scientists & their Discoveries by Mason Crest / National Highlights, March–April 2018, Non-fiction—Biography, 192k words, layout proofing

  •  Benjamin Franklin
  •  Alfred Nobel
  •  Charles Darwin
  •  Gregor Mendel
  •  Isaac Newton
  •  Thomas Edison
  •  Louis Pasteur
  •  Alexander Fleming
  •  Leonardo da Vinci
  •  Albert Einstein
  •  Galileo


We’re Smothering Our Universities: The Plight of Higher Education in the United States, Book 2 (Working title was: What Are They Doing to Our Colleges and Universities?), by Philip Carlton Williams, February 2018, Non-fiction—Higher Education, 30k words, editorial management


Children’s Books

Adirondack Mouse and the Perilous Journey (2nd edition) by Irene Uttendorfsky, June 2018, Children’s Fiction—Early reader chapter book

Sevi’s Stories/The Magic Glasses by Pedro & Tiana Chavez, October 2017, Children’s picture book, 1k words

Miss Perfect and Tiny Tail by Rachel Schlessinger, July 2017, Children’s chapter book, 12k words

Flip and Pate’s Magical Potion Adventure by Lori Rousche Zimmerman, February–October 2017, Children’s chapter book, Developmental editing, 13.5k words, editorial management

Bowie Finds a Doll, The Little Puppy, A Thin Thread of Love, Cleo’s Ears, What’s So Scary by Yael Roseman, February 2017, Children’s book, 5.5k words, publisher editorial management


Science Fiction/Fantasy

Welcome to the Universe: Or, How I Learned to Appreciate the Significance of a Thorough DeFlocking by Martin Tabat, November–December 2017, Adult novel—Humorous science fiction, 64k words, editorial management

What They Didn’t Know by Adir Elihav Golan, August 2017, YA Fantasy, 39.5k words, publisher editorial management

Journey to Water’s Heart (Working title was: Journey to the Heart of Water) by Lea Ben Shlomo, August–September 2017, Adult novel—Fantasy, 148k words, publisher editorial management

Our Start-Up by Dov Reichman, May 2017, YA/MG science fiction romance, 29.5k words, publisher editorial management

5th Floor Below by Menahem Misgav, May 2017, Adult fiction—Religious science fiction, 67k words, publisher editorial management


Women’s Fiction/Romance/Historical

Casanova Cowboy by Jo Ann Bender, November 2017, Adult novel—Western romance, 56k words, editorial management

Waiting for a Miracle by Helen Livnat, August 2017, Adult novel—Fictionalized history, Holocaust, 116k words, publisher editorial management

The Transparent Woman by Y.I. Latz, May 2017, Adult fiction—Women’s fiction, suspense/intrigue, 85k words, publisher editorial management

Rahab and Joshua: A Biblical Love Story by Rivka Gonen, April 2017, Adult Fiction—Historical fiction, religious, 61k words, publisher editorial management

From Siberia With Love (Books 1-4) by Ilana Cohen, February–April 2017, Adult fiction—Romance, 138k words



Depends on How You Tell It by Dorit Silverman, June 2018, Fiction—Contemporary, 68k words

God’s Sandbox by Dorit Silverman, March 2018, Fiction—Contemporary, 43k words

Withering Leaves by Shmuel Cohen, October–December 2017, Adult novel—Literary fiction, 91k words, publisher editorial management

Belarock by Joel M. Herrling, May 2017, Adult fiction—Generational Farm novella, 34k words

Ogg in Manhattan by Shahaf Shaked, February 2017, Adult fiction—Contemporary fantasy, 43k words, publisher editorial management


Stand-Alone MS Evaluations

Second Chances by Gene Hilgreen, July 2017, Adult novel—suspense, Manuscript evaluation, 13k words

Off the Rails: One Family’s Journey to the Wilderness and Back by Susan Burrowes, May 2017, Creative Non-Fiction (Memoir) proposal evaluated, 5k words

Scarlett 2.0 by Helen Powers, August 2016, Adult fiction—Mystery thriller, Manuscript evaluation, 62k words

Just the Way You Are: You’re Amazing and I’ll Prove It! (Working title was: Who’s Better? – Healing the Hate One Young Person at a Time) by Neal G. Brownell, July 2016, YA educational, Manuscript evaluation, 21k words

Offbeat Yoga by E. Christine Haynes, January 2016, Non-fiction—self-help memoir, Manuscript evaluation, 71k words


Miscellaneous Material Edited

Just the Way You Are – You’re Amazing and I’ll Prove It! (Working title was: Who’s Better? – Healing the Hate One Young Person at a Time) by Neal Brownell, June 2018, Non-fiction—Marketing Materials, 900 words

Proposal Routledge by Guadalupe López-Íñiguez, April 2018, Non-fiction—Academic Funding Proposal, 3k words

Kaddish to My Parents and Other Poems by Ruth Netzer, July 2017, Non-fiction—Poetry, 4.5k words

Jumpstart Your Writing Routine by Elke Feuer, May 2017, Non-fiction—Writing self-help book, 3k words

Special Education Teacher Training: FBA/BIP Implementation by Gayle Smith, April 2017, Non-fiction—Educational, 1k words

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