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$250 Minimum Charge
Starting at 3.5¢ Per Word

Tier 3 services provide a full developmental edit. Authors who wish to obtain a thorough assessment of their material, receive suggestions for improving weak areas, and see what issues a heavy edit will highlight are good candidates for this level of editing.

A developmental edit offers a comprehensive Professional Evaluation with expanded features that spotlight your characters, chapter-by-chapter story arc charting, and more! A full developmental edit will meet the current needs of your manuscript.

Authors who choose this service want to learn how to improve their current work in progress.


Tier 3a: $250 Minimum Charge
Starting at 3.5¢ Per Word

  • Tier 3a service means that I provide detailed guidance and feedback and you implement the changes.
  • The entire manuscript will be read carefully and returned to you with comments inserted that flag specific problems.
  • The editor will choose one chapter to receive a heavy edit. The types of edits made are determined by the issues your manuscript has and may include cutting wordiness, rewriting awkward sentences, inserting or deleting paragraph breaks, highlighting redundancies and repetition, and/or other editorial issues.
  • An expanded Professional Evaluation will be returned that includes individual character sheets and provides an in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript. The categories covered are shown on this linked page.
  • Detailed documentation—including suggestions and links for additional reading, when appropriate—will be provided in the Professional Evaluation or in the manuscript comments.
  • Each category in the evaluation is carefully reviewed and any problems noted. This checklist form covers many variables and each section also contains a field for comments.
  • The manuscript’s story arc will be rated chapter-by-chapter and advice given regarding the climax, slow areas, etc.


Tier 3b: $500 Minimum Charge
Starting at 4.5¢ Per Word 

  • Tier 3b service means that I will do the work on your manuscript.
  • This service is generally best utilized for non-fiction books.
  • The entire manuscript will be read carefully and some comments inserted to explain my edits.
  • The formal Professional Evaluation, one-chapter heavy edit, and story arc assessments are omitted from the service.
  • With Track Changes on, I will rearrange the book as necessary to allow for the best flow and most effective structure.
  • I will insert new chapter headings and/or subheadings.
  • I will write transitional content between sections or chapters as needed.
  • Structural editing with Track Changes on can result in confusion and a corrupted document. When I need a clean document, I will save a version for you before I accept all the changes and keep going. The same will be done at the end. You may not see every single tracked change, but you will see most of them.
  • In addition to interim tracked documents, you will receive a final clean document.
  • Writing large amounts of original content is not included in this service.


Material submitted for either level of a Tier 3 developmental edit should be an entire manuscript draft to gain the full benefits.

Both fees include one submission. Since they are extensive structural edits that requires a lot of time to complete, be sure you have left enough time in your publishing schedule for both our work and the work you will need to perform after the developmental edit!

When the Tier 3 tasks are completed, a separate copyedit is strongly encouraged. A developmental edit does not focus on typos, wording, grammar, and other copyediting tasks, so errors may remain.


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Rush jobs

Subject to the availability of Susan Uttendorfsky, owner.

Tier 1—Proofreading:

$250 minimum charge

2¢ per word

  • 1–40,000 words returned within 24 hours 
  • 40,001–85,000 words within 60 hours

Tier 2—Copyediting:

$400 minimum charge

4¢ to 8¢ per word

  • 1–40,000 words returned within 48 hours 
  • 40,001–85,000 words within 96 hours

Professional Evaluation:

$250 minimum charge

2¢ per word

  • 1–40,000 words returned within 24 hours 
  • 40,001–85,000 words within 60 hours

Rush jobs over 85,000 words are not accepted for editing, but may be for an evaluation. Please keep in mind that Susan’s skills cannot be expected to be perfect at this speed, but she will do her best to have the MS error free.