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Tier 1 (Proofreading)

$100 minimum charge as a single service
1.0¢ per word

$75 minimum charge when added to an edit
0.85¢ per word (Save 15%!)

Proofreading ensures your manuscript is picture perfect—everything is spelled right and looks good. This is our most basic service and is useful for authors who only want a high-level edit that focuses on mechanics and grammar. A Professional Evaluation may be added to this edit at 15% off!

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Tier 2 (Copyedit)

$150 Minimum Charge
1.75¢ to 3.75¢ Per Word

Tier 2 service provides copyediting, which not only corrects what is wrong, but makes suggestions for improvements. It is a popular service for authors who wish to not only have their manuscript edited, but also want to gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their work and their writing. A Professional Evaluation may be added to this edit, and/or a second submission for proofreading, both at 15% off!

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Tier 3 (Developmental Edit)

$250 Minimum Charge
Starting at 3.5¢ Per Word

Tier 3 services provide a full developmental edit. Authors who wish to obtain a thorough assessment of their material, receive suggestions for improving weak areas, and see what issues a heavy edit will highlight are good candidates for this level of editing.

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Tier 4 (Full-Package Edit)

$350 Minimum Charge
6.5¢ to 11¢ Per Word (Unlimited Resubmissions!**)

**To correct weaknesses identified, as requested by the editor

Tier 4 service is designed especially for authors who want more guidance as they work through the writing, editing, and publishing process. It is equally appropriate for both first-time authors and for any author who is serious about their work.

This arrangement covers everything: a Professional Evaluation, a content/structural edit, line/copyediting, proofreading, an in-depth manuscript discussion, fact-checking, research assistance, query letter and synopsis assistance, insight into self-publishing, and educational resources. Limited availability.

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Rush jobs

Subject to the availability of Susan Uttendorfsky, owner.

Tier 1—Proofreading:

$250 minimum charge

2¢ per word

  • 1–40,000 words returned within 24 hours 
  • 40,001–85,000 words within 60 hours

Tier 2—Copyediting:

$400 minimum charge

4¢ to 8¢ per word

  • 1–40,000 words returned within 48 hours 
  • 40,001–85,000 words within 96 hours

Professional Evaluation:

$250 minimum charge

2¢ per word

  • 1–40,000 words returned within 24 hours 
  • 40,001–85,000 words within 60 hours

Rush jobs over 85,000 words are not accepted for editing, but may be for an evaluation. Please keep in mind that Susan’s skills cannot be expected to be perfect at this speed, but she will do her best to have the MS error free.