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Previously published books by Jean Grainger (11), August 2020 to Present, Adult novels—Irish Historical/Literary, editorial management:
• The Tour, Safe At the Edge Of the World, and The Story of Grenville King (#1–3 in The Tour series), August 2020–January 2021, 283k words 
• Shadow of a Century, So Much Owed, and Under Heaven’s Shining Stars (all standalone), January 2021 to Present, ?K words

This Way Forward by Meghan Marsden, March 2020 to Present, Adult novel—Women’s Fiction, 65k words (Full-Package Edit)

Great Careers Without a Bachelor’s Degree by Andrew Morkes, College & Career Press, August to Present, Nonfiction—Career Education, 50k (copyediting)
• Wind Turbine Technologists, Dental Hygienists, Paralegals

The Last True Stargazer Trilogy: The Chronicles of Kate Cameron: The Beginning, The Transformation, and Journey’s End by Jules Orion, May 2020–January 2021, Adult novel—Science Fiction, 208k words

From Fat To Free Action Plan Journal by Elizabeth Lizberg, October 2020, Nonfiction Self-Help, Dieting, 5k words

Lead Er Ship (working title) by Marcia Caton, September 2020, Nonfiction Leadership, 13k words (developmental edit)

Sean Livingstone: The Spearhead of Creation by Andrew Connell, September 2020, YA/Adult Novel—Science Fiction/Fantasy, 91k words

The World Starts Anew (#4 in The Star & Shamrock series) by Jean Grainger, September–November 2020, Adult novel—Irish Historical/Literary, 78.5k words, editorial management

Behavioral Disorders by Mason Crest / National Highlights, August 2020, Nonfiction—Medical Education, 29k words (content & layout proofing)
• Eating Disorders, Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders

Alliance Evolution by David Oliver, July–August 2020, Adult novel—Alternate Historical Fiction, 65.5k words

The Top 22 Questions You Need Answered by Jared Smith, July 2020, Nonfiction Business Education, 9.5k words

The Promise by Martin Tabat, July 2020, Science Fiction Short Story, 2k words (developmental edit)

Kayla’s Trick (#6 in The Tour series) by Jean Grainger, June–July 2020, Adult novel—Irish Historical/Literary, 84k words, editorial management

How a Monster is Made by RaShell Lashbrook, June 2020, Adult novel—Psychological Thriller, 95k words, editorial management

The Hard Way Home (#3 in The Star and The Shamrock series) by Jean Grainger, May–June 2020, Adult novel—Irish Historical/Literary, 76.5k words, editorial management

Faith Forward The Workbook, Professional Guide by Gayle Smith, April 2020, Nonfiction Professional Booklet, 8k words, editorial management

Sisters of the Southern Cross (standalone) by Jean Grainger, March–May 2020, Adult novel—Irish Historical/Literary, 84k words, editorial management

So There I Was: Stories From the Upper Hudson River by Jeff Dickinson, March 2020, Nonfiction—Regional History, 19k words

Sean Livingstone: Monsters, Myths, and Microchips by Andrew Connell, February 2020, YA/Adult novella—Science Fiction/Fantasy, 17k words

Masters of Art by Mason Crest / National Highlights, January–March 2020, Nonfiction—Education, 204k words (layout proofing)
• Ansel Adams, Claude Monet, Da Vinci, Edgar Degas, Frank Lloyd Wright, Hudson River School, John Audubon, Mary Cassatt, Michelangelo, Paul Cezanne, Renoir, The Pre-Raphaelites, Van Gogh

The Kachada Series: DAY ONE: Birth is a Death Sentence and DAY TWO: Leave No Enemy Alive by Don Sedei, January–March 2020, Adult novel—Dark Thriller, 144k words

Observation of the Moment by Owen Bryan Jr., December 2019, Nonfiction—Poetry, 14k words (also research copyright issues)

The Emerald Horizon (#2 in The Star & The Shamrock series) by Jean Grainger, November–December 2019, Adult novel—Irish Historical/Literary, 76k words, editorial management

Illusions Against Faith: God Knows What Needs Fixing by Gayle Smith, July–December 2019, Nonfiction—Spiritual Self-Help, 44.5k words (also formatted)

Baltimore Logic by Basil Truscott, October–December 2019, Adult novel—Historical, 155.5k words

Living With Dogs by Mason Crest / National Highlights, September 2019 to Present, Nonfiction—Education, Career Education, 60k words (content and layout proofing)
• Service Dogs, Dog Ownership & Training, Rescue & Adoption, Therapy Dogs, Dogs as Heroes

The Tale of Bronco & The Wizard by Don Sedei, September–October 2019, Adult novel—Urban Fiction, 54k words, editorial management

Deep Sea Fishing by Mason Crest / National Highlights, August 2019, Nonfiction—Education, 11k words (copyedited single book)

Trials and Tribulations (#3 of The Robinswood series) by Jean Grainger, August–September 2019, Adult novel—Irish Historical/Literary, 99.7k words, editorial management

Women in STEM Careers by Mason Crest / National Highlights, July 2019 to Present, Nonfiction—Education, Career Education, 134k words (content and layout proofing)
• Women in Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Space Exploration, Physics, Anthropology, Chemistry, Information Technology, Medicine, Women Inventors, Women Who Built Our Scientific Foundations

The Black Isles (Blades of Karik Book 2) by Evan Oliver, July 2019, Fantasy Short Story, 15.5k words 

Finding Billie Romano (#5 in The Tour series) by Jean Grainger, June–July 2019, Adult novel—Irish Historical/Literary, 89.5k words, editorial management

Alliance Metamorphosis by David Oliver, June 2019–March 2020, Adult novel—Alternate Historical Fiction, 65k words (Full-Package Edit and formatting)

Careers with Earning Potential (© 2020) by Mason Crest / National Highlights, May 2019–March 2020, Nonfiction—Career Education 
• Police Officers & Detectives, Welders, Become Invaluable in the Workplace: Set Yourself Apart, 40.5k (content and layout proofing)
• Pharmacy Technicians, Machinery Maintenance & Repair, Web Developers, 43k (layout proofing)

The Dragon of Kevlar (Blades of Karik Book 1) by Evan Oliver, May 2019, Fantasy Short Story, 12k words

Asian Countries Today (© 2020) by Mason Crest / National Highlights, April 2019–January 2020, Nonfiction—Education, Current Events, 75k words (copyediting)  
• India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Asian Facts & Figures

Faith Forward Professional Guide by Gayle Smith, April–November 2019, Nonfiction Professional Guide, 8k words (evaluation & editing)

The Star & The Shamrock by Jean Grainger, April–May 2018, Adult novel—Irish Historical/Literary, 84k words, editorial management 

World Art Tour by Mason Crest / National Highlights, March 2019, Nonfiction—Education, Culture, 134.5k words (layout proofing)   
• Culinary Arts, Dance, Drawing & Painting, Sculpture, Festivals, Clothing & Fashion, Decorative Arts, Architecture

Health and Nutrition by Mason Crest / National Highlights, March 2019, Nonfiction—Education, Health, 74k words, editorial management (layout proofing)   
• Malnutrition, Food & Nutrition, Food Safety, Fitness, Health & Hygiene, Healthy Diet

Nations in the News by Mason Crest / National Highlights, March 2019, Nonfiction—Education, Current Events, 215k words, editorial management (layout proofing)   
• Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, The Koreas, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, The U.K.

Know Your Government by Mason Crest / National Highlights, February–March 2019, Nonfiction—Education, Government, 219k words (layout proofing) 
• The Constitution, The Democratic Party, The House of Representatives, How Laws Are Passed, How the President Is Elected, Impeachment, The Presidency, The Republican Party, The Senate, The Supreme Court

Now I Can SEE the Light by Clive Clarke, February–March 2019, Nonfiction—Self-help, Religious, 17k words (developmental edit)

The Public Plantation by Tannelaine Wilson, January 2019, Nonfiction—Public School System, Racial, 9k words (evaluation)

Horse Lovers Compendium by Sterling Publishing, January 2019, Nonfiction, 31k words, editorial management (proofread single book)

The Sisters and the Facelift Mystery by Cherielyn Ferguson, January–February 2019, Adult novel–Cozy Mystery, 69k words (developmental edit)

Return to Robinswood (#2 in The Robinswood series) by Jean Grainger, January–February 2019, Adult novel—Irish Historical/Literary, 88k words, editorial management

Breaking Boundaries by Alon Ulman, December 2018, Nonfiction—Self-help, 108k words

Ahmed’s List, by Barry Freeman, December 2018, Adult novel—Suspense Thriller, 96k words, editorial management

Edible Knowledge® Series Workbooks by Dale Cox, November 2018–January 2020, Nonfiction—Educational, Science, (Full-Package Edits)
• 01 Introduction to Food Science: An Overview, 29.5k words, November 2018–February 2019; 02 Introduction to Food Science: Water, 22k words, March–April 2019; 03 Introduction to Physics and Engineering, 20k words, August–October 2019; 04 Introduction to Food Science for Kids, 11k words, November 2019–January 2020.

Careers with Earning Potential (© 2019) by Mason Crest / National Highlights, November 2018–March 2019, Nonfiction—Career Education, 110k words (content and layout proofing), editorial management 
• Car Mechanics, Dog Groomers, Cosmetologists, Massage Therapists, Chefs, Presenting Yourself, Farmers, The Arts

The Homecoming of Bubbles O’Leary (#4 in The Tour series) by Jean Grainger, October–November 2018, Adult novel—Irish Historical/Literary, 95.5k words, editorial management

The Missing Shoe, Angie Adame, October 2018, Children’s Fiction—Short Story, 300 words

Asian Countries Today (© 2019) by Mason Crest / National Highlights, October 2018–April 2019, Nonfiction—Education, Current Events, 124k words (copyediting)
• Japan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore

Ark of the Gods by Andrew Connell, September–October 2018, YA Science Fiction/Fantasy, 110k words

Top Teams in Women’s Soccer by Mason Crest / National Highlights, September 2018, Nonfiction—Sports/High School, 21.5k words (proofread single book)

6 Strategies to Create a Sustainable Writing Routine by Elke Feuer, September 2018, Nonfiction—Self-Help, Writing booklet, 8k words

Cool Careers in Science by Mason Crest / National Highlights, August 2018–April 2019, Nonfiction—Career Education, 137k words (content and layout proofing) 
• Drone Pilots, Renewable Energy Workers, Professional Hackers, Forensic Scientists, Entertainment Engineers, Robotics Developers, Computer Game & App Developers, Artificial Intelligence, Driverless Vehicles, Alternative Reality Developers

My Babysitter is a Smartphone by Marcia Caton, July–August 2018, Nonfiction—Parenting Education/Self-Help, 23.5k words (developmental editing)

Walk of Faith by Gayle Smith, July 2018, Nonfiction Spiritual booklet, 11k words (also formatted)

Deadly Family (Deadly Series Book 3) by Elke Feuer, July 2018, Adult novel—Suspense, 80.5k words

Persuading Lola by Elke Feuer, July 2018, Adult novel—Romantic Suspense, 36.5k words, editorial management

You’re Amazing and I’ll Prove It! (Working title was: Who’s Better?—Healing the Hate One Young Person at a Time) by Neal Brownell, June 2018, Nonfiction—Marketing Materials, 900 words

Adirondack Mouse and the Perilous Journey (2nd edition) by Irene Uttendorfsky, June–July 2018, Children’s Fiction—Early Reader Chapter Book (also formatted)

The Happiness Triangle by Dieudonne D’amour Nordkvist, May 2018, Nonfiction—Self-Help/Philosophical, 14.5k words (developmental editing and copyediting)

Careers Making a Difference by Mason Crest / National Highlights, June–December 2018, Nonfiction—Career Education, 104k words (copyediting) 
• Helping Victims, Helping Seniors, Helping Animals, Helping Those in Poverty, Helping Those with Addiction, Helping Those with Mental Illness, Helping Children, Helping to Protect the Environment, Helping Those with Disabilities

Depends on How You Tell It by Dorit Silverman, June 2018, Adult novel—Contemporary, 68k words

Let the Champions Run and Watch Our Universities Soar: The Plight of Higher Education in the United States, Book 3, by Philip Carlton Williams, May 2018, Nonfiction—Higher Education, 26k words, editorial management

Scientists & their Discoveries by Mason Crest / National Highlights, March–April 2018, Nonfiction—Biography, 192k words (layout proofing)   
• Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Nobel, Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, Alexander Fleming, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Galileo

Second Chances by Gene Hilgreen, March–June 2018, Adult novel—Suspense, 58k words

Proposal Routledge by Guadalupe López-Íñiguez, April 2018, Nonfiction—Academic Funding Proposal, 3k words

We’re Smothering Our Universities: The Plight of Higher Education in the United States, Book 2 (Working title was: What Are They Doing to Our Colleges and Universities?), by Philip Carlton Williams, February 2018, Nonfiction—Higher Education, 30.5k words, editorial management

Tombs of Lust (Working title was God’s Sandbox) by Dorit Silverman, March 2018, Adult novel—Contemporary, 43k words

Generating Effluence: Achieving Limitless Affluence on the Playground of Ordered Possibilities by Martin Tabat, February 2018, Non-Fiction—Humorous Philosophy, 12k words

The Human Project: A Return to Hope by Vicki Pugliese, January 2018, Adult novel, Text analysis, 81.5k words

Who’s Running Our Colleges and Universities?: The Plight of Higher Education in the United States, Book 1, by Philip Carlton Williams, December 2017–January 2018, Nonfiction—Higher Education, 42k words, editorial management

Casanova Cowboy by Jo Ann Bender, November 2017, Adult novel—Western Romance, 56k words, editorial management

White House in a Gray City by Itzchak Belfer, November 2017, Nonfiction—Memoir, 42.5k words, publisher editorial management

The Girl Who Sees the Unseen (Working title was: Dina) by Ilan Arad, November 2017, Adult novel—Women’s Fiction, Suspense, 60k words, publisher editorial management

Welcome to the Universe: Or, How I Learned to Appreciate the Significance of a Thorough DeFlocking by Martin Tabat, November–December 2017, Adult novel—Humorous Science Fiction, 64k words, editorial management

The Magnet: The Way to Fulfill Your Dreams by Oriella Paz-Maureen, November 2017, Nonfiction—Self-Help New Age, 54.5k words, publisher editorial management

Withering Leaves by Shmuel Cohen, October–December 2017, Adult novel—Literary, 91k words, publisher editorial management

Sevi’s Stories/The Magic Glasses by Pedro & Tiana Chavez, October 2017, Children’s Picture Book, 1k words

Three Separations by Israel Shur, October 2017, Adult novel—Literary, 77k words, publisher editorial management

A Burning Mountain Falls by Richard James, October–December 2017, Adult novel—Action/Adventure/Thriller, 92.5k words

Jumpstart Your Writing Routine by Elke Feuer, September–October 2017, Nonfiction—Writing/Self-Help, 12k words, editorial management

California Triangle (International Espionage Book 3) by Uzi Eilam, September–October 2017, Adult novel—Spy Suspense/Thriller, 75.5k words, publisher editorial management

I’m Not From Around Here by Ishai Kalinovsky, September–October 2017, Nonfiction—Memoir, 140k words, publisher editorial management

Virtually Kissing Frogs: How to Stay Afloat in the Online Dating Pond by Julie Willson, September 2017, Nonfiction—Self-Help, Humor, Dating, 33k words

Hip Hop & R&B: Culture, Music & Storytelling by Mason Crest / National Highlights, September 2017–March 2018, Nonfiction—Biography, 131k words (developmental editing, copyediting, layout proofing)
• Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Pitbull, Rihanna, Drake, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Chance the Rapper, DJ Khaled, The Weeknd, Cardi B

Singapore Under Attack (International Espionage Book 1) (Working title was: Singapore Cyber-Attack) by Uzi Eilam, September 2017, Adult novel—Suspense Thriller, 89.5k words, publisher editorial management

A Girl Called Renee (Working title was: A Girl Named Renee) by Ruth (Yossi) Uzrad, August–September 2017, Nonfiction—Memoir, Holocaust, 62k words, publisher editorial management

What They Didn’t Know by Adir Elihav Golan, August 2017, YA Fantasy, 39.5k words, publisher editorial management

$950 Million in 40 Minutes by Meshulam Riklis, August 2017, Nonfiction—Memoir, Business, 93k words

Journey to Water’s Heart (Working title was: Journey to the Heart of Water) by Lea Ben Shlomo, August–September 2017, Adult novel—Fantasy, 148k words, publisher editorial management

The Rage and Power of Avner Herlich by Pini Elazari, August 2017, Adult novel—Suspense Thriller (military), 99k words, publisher editorial management

A Universal Storm by Gershon Shevach, August 2017, Adult novel—Sci-fi Pre-Apocalyptic Thriller, 21.5k words, publisher editorial management

Listen to Your Soul and Heal Your Body of Chronic Disease: 8 Keys to Self-Heal Your Body & Soul (Working title was: Healthy Body, Healthy Soul) by Meirav Harel, August 2017, Nonfiction—Self-Help, Holistic Health, 84.5k words, publisher editorial management

Waiting for a Miracle by Helen Livnat, August 2017, Adult novel—Fictionalized History, Holocaust, 116k words, publisher editorial management

Leave Me Alone by Orit Yogev, July–August 2017, Nonfiction—Memoir/Self-Help Educational, Medical, 72k words, publisher editorial management

Second Chances by Gene Hilgreen, July 2017, Adult novel—Suspense, 13k words (manuscript evaluation)

How to Thrive in an Uncertain World by Robin Burk MBA PhD, July 2017, Nonfiction—Business and Career, 37k words

Sleep, My Valley: The Beginning by Ruth Netzer, July–August 2017, Nonfiction—Autobiography/Memoir, 160.5k words, publisher editorial management

In First Person: A Breathtaking Personal Memoir (Holocaust Survivor Autobiography) by Lucy Paz, June–July 2017, Nonfiction—Memoir, Holocaust, 70.5k words, publisher editorial management

Kaddish to My Parents and Other Poems by Ruth Netzer, July 2017, Nonfiction—Poetry, 4.5k words

Miss Perfect and Tiny Tail by Rachel Schlessinger, July 2017, Children’s Chapter Book, 12k words

Three Voices by Nora Sarel, June 2017, Adult novel—Historical, Holocaust, 83k words

A Trap in Paris (International Espionage Book 2) by Uzi Eilam, June 2017, Adult novel—Spy Suspense/Thriller, 94.5k words, publisher editorial management

I Am Not a Traitor by Y.I. Latz, June 2017, Adult novel—Espionage Thriller, Romance, 93k words, publisher editorial management

Jumpstart Your Writing Routine by Elke Feuer, May 2017, Nonfiction—Writing Self-Help, 3k words

Our Start-Up by Dov Reichman, May 2017, YA/MG Science Fiction Romance, 29.5k words, publisher editorial management

The Red Detox Diet: The Nutritional Detox Diet Guide by Hila Aflalo, May 2017, Nonfiction—Self-Help Educational, Cookbook, 29k words, publisher editorial management

Belarock by Joel M. Herrling, May 2017, Adult novella—Generational Farm, 34k words

5th Floor Below by Menahem Misgav, May 2017, Adult novel—Religious Science Fiction, 67k words, publisher editorial management

The Transparent Woman by Y.I. Latz, May 2017, Adult novel—Women’s Fiction, Suspense/Intrigue, 85k words, publisher editorial management

Off the Rails: One Family’s Journey to the Wilderness and Back by Susan Burrowes, May 2017, Creative Nonfiction (Memoir) proposal evaluated, 5k words

Two Princes and a Queen by Shmuel David, May 2017, Nonfiction—Memoir, Holocaust; Historical Documentary Creative Non-Fiction, 141k words, publisher editorial management

The Way of The Cat: Surviving Metastasized Cancer by Itzy Be’er, May 2017, Nonfiction—Memoir, Medical, 101.5k words, publisher editorial management

Blood Mark: The Liar by Kai Austin, May–June 2017, Adult novel—Science Fiction, Psychological Thriller, 104k words, editorial management

Cascade by Richard James, April 2017, YA/Adult novel—Action/Adventure/Thriller, 83k words

2036 by Zvi Speiser, April 2017, Adult novel—Religious Science Fiction, 107.5k words, publisher editorial management

Rahab and Joshua: A Biblical Love Story by Rivka Gonen, April 2017, Adult novel—Historical Fiction, Religious, 61k words, publisher editorial management

The Concertmaster: Chaim Taub: Life With the Violin by Noam Ben-Zeev, April 2017, Nonfiction—Biography, Interview, 47k words, publisher editorial management

Parenting by Shay Or, March–April 2017, Nonfiction—Parenting, Religious, 67k words, publisher editorial management

Just the Way You Are—You’re Amazing and I’ll Prove It! (Working title was: Who’s Better?—Healing the Hate One Young Person at a Time) by Neal G. Brownell, March 2017, Nonfiction—Educational, 22k words

Life in a Box by Einat Shem-Tov, March 2017, Nonfiction—Memoir Mystery, 119.5 k words, publisher editorial management

Flip and Pate’s Magical Potion Adventure by Lori Rousche Zimmerman, February–October 2017, Children’s Chapter Book, 13.5k words, editorial management (Full-Package Edit)

From Siberia With Love (Books 1-4) by Ilana Cohen, February–April 2017, Adult novels—Romance, 138k words

Another’s Child by Einat Danon, February–April 2017, Adult novel—Romance, 130.5k words, publisher editorial management

Tales of Animals and People by Dr. Yair Ben Ziony, February 2017, Nonfiction—Memoir, 39k words, publisher editorial management

Lift Off by Roni Orpaz, February 2017, Nonfiction—Inspirational Self-Improvement, 16k words, publisher editorial management

Double Interest by Odeda Yaari, February 2017, Adult novel—Political Thriller, 65.5k words, publisher editorial management

Bowie Finds a Doll, The Little Puppy, A Thin Thread of Love, Cleo’s Ears, What’s So Scary (Working title was: 5 Books for Children) by Yael Roseman, February 2017, Children’s Books, 5.5k words, publisher editorial management

Ogg in Manhattan by Shahaf Shaked, February 2017, Adult novel—Contemporary Fantasy, 43k words, publisher editorial management

Married to the Mossad by Sally Hessel, February 2017, Adult novel—Fictionalized Memoir, 79k words, publisher editorial management

Cancer Free! Are You Sure? by Jenny Hrbacek, January 2017, Nonfiction—Medical, 37k words

The Unrelative Truth: Refining Language of Unity for Religion and Spirituality by Can Güralp, January 2017, Nonfiction—Theology and Philosophy, 119.5k words

The Light Between the Shadows by Tsukiko Spark, January 2017, Adult novel—Psychological Romance, 74k words, publisher editorial management

The Mystery of the Hidden Cabin by Marjorie Hembroff, January 2017, Children’s Chapter Book, 28.5k words

Gypsy Prophecy by Itay Itzhaky, January 2017, Adult novel—Suspense Paranormal, 112.5k words, publisher editorial management

Understanding Pain Is Your Guide to Healing (Working title was: Body, Pain & Spirit) by Hayuta Epstein, December 2016–February 2017, Nonfiction—Medical, Spiritual, 78.5k words

Millionaire Training (The Business & Success Series Book 1) (Working title was: The Secret of Money) by Tami Yaari, January 2017, Nonfiction—Spiritual Financial, 27k words, publisher editorial management

No Medals Today (Working title was: Israel Doesn’t Give Away Medals) by Shlomi Tal, January 2017, Creative Nonfiction, Yom Kippur War, 76k words, publisher editorial management

Thirty Shades of Happiness: On the Road to the Best Life Possible (Working title was: The Path to the Best Life Possible) by Haim Ben Hai, December 2016, Nonfiction—Self-Help Philosophical, 58k words, publisher editorial management

Welcome to the Galaxy: Or, How I Learned to Appreciate the Importance of a Good Flocking by Martin Tabat, December 2016, Adult novel—Humorous Science Fiction, 94k words

The Devil’s Bride by K.G. Isaac, December 2016, Adult novel—Satanic Horror, 94k words, publisher editorial management

Marek Stein Diary by Marek Stein, December 2016, Nonfiction—Diary, 14k words

The Eyes of Abel by Daniel Jacobs, December 2016, Adult novel—Political Suspense Thriller, 64.5k words, publisher editorial management

Presenting You: Use Skills from the Actor’s Playbook to Master the Art of Communication by Laurie Burton, November 2016, Nonfiction—Self-Help Business Communications, 39k words

The Wanted by Barry Jay Freeman, November–December 2016, Adult novel—Crime Fiction, 78k words

The Fat Man’s Monologue: Contemporary Fiction for Lovers of Food, Life & Love by Aliza Galkin-Smith, November 2016, Nonfiction—Memoir, Food, 103k words, publisher editorial management

Leadership Framed by Art (Working title was: Reframing Leadership) by Iris Lavy, November 2016, Nonfiction—Business/Art, 34.5k words, publisher editorial management

Survival: Hijacking into Freedom by Motti Ben Yanay, November 2016, Nonfiction—Memoir, Holocaust, 54k words, publisher editorial management

A Kind of Woman by Helen Burko, November 2016, Adult novel—Historical Romance, 108k words, publisher editorial management

Wise Parenting Principles from Proverbs by Chris R. Cutshall, November 2016, Nonfiction—Christian Religious Parenting, 91k words (proofreading)

Bridge to Another Dimension (Working title was: The Bridge to Another Existence) by Roni Hila Tal-Or, October 2016, Nonfiction—Spirituality, 93k words, publisher editorial management

Awakening! A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Life by Dr. Tomer Sevron, October 2016, Nonfiction—Spiritual, 76k words, publisher editorial management

The Weight of Happiness: On Food, Body, and Spirit (Working title was: How Much Does Happiness Weigh? On Food, Body, and Spirit) by Ayelet Kalter, October 2016, Nonfiction—Medical, Educational, 81k words, publisher editorial management

Stories by an Israeli Veterinarian by Dr. Yair Ben Ziony, September 2016, Nonfiction—Memoir, 39k words, publisher editorial management

Stormy Waters by Miron Ben Ari, September 2016, Adult novel—Urban Thriller/Horror, 91k words, publisher editorial management

To Kill a Shadow (Working title was: Shadows and Masks) by Nathan Ronen, September 2016, Adult novel—Spy Suspense Thriller, 83k words, publisher editorial management

Words Can Kill: The Untold Story of the Rabin Assassination, and the Lessons for Today by Dvir Kariv & Dov Lipman, September 2016, Nonfiction—Personal Narrative, History, 59k words

The Yellow Fish by Julin Evora, September 2016, Children’s book, 11k words

Vittoria: A Historical Drama Based on A True Story by Dafi Vitale Ben Bassat, August 2016, Adult novel—Historical, 47k words, publisher editorial management

Courage and Grace: Turbulent Journeys from Darkness to Light In the Years 1936–1950 and Beyond by Yosef Komen, August 2016, Nonfiction—Memoir, Holocaust, 150k words, publisher editorial management

Optimal Exposure by Dan Rogel, August 2016, Adult novel—Thriller, 83k words

The Big Jump (Working title was: Stories by Shmuel Cohavy) by Shmuel Cohavy, August 2016, Nonfiction—Autobiography, 41k words, publisher editorial management

The Brain Show – Behind the Scenes: What is going on inside our brain while we are living our life by Zeev Nitsan, MD, August 2016, Nonfiction—Educational, 167k words, publisher editorial management

How to Catch Your Mate by Michael Goldenberg, August 2016, Nonfiction—Self-Help/Informational, 8k words

Scarlett 2.0 by Helen Powers, August 2016, Adult novel—Mystery Thriller, 62k words (manuscript evaluation)

Jumpstart Your Social Media by Elke Feuer, July 2016, Nonfiction—Self-Help booklet, 1k words

It’s About Time: A Mysterious Time Travel Conspiracy by Lyle Howard, July–August 2016, Adult novel—Science Fiction Thriller, 125k words

Hi-Tech Hijack (Working title was: Ebola Angel) by Dov Nardimon, July 2016, Adult novel—Action/Adventure Thriller, 116k words, publisher editorial management

Prossia Book 3: A Coming of Age Space Opera (Working title was: The Final Solution: Prossia Book 3) by Raphyel M. Jordan, June–July 2016, YA Science Fiction—Space Opera, 218k words

You’re Amazing and I’ll Prove It! (Working title was: Who’s Better?—Healing the Hate One Young Person at a Time) by Neal G. Brownell, July 2016, Nonfiction—YA Educational, 21k words (manuscript evaluation)

The Coachman of Florence by Tomer Fishler, June 2016, Adult novel—Thriller, 96.5k words, publisher editorial management

The Hand: The Mirror of The Soul by Talma Brill, June 2016, Nonfiction—Educational, 99k words, publisher editorial management

Adam’s Yoga Journey: A Yoga Book for Children (Working title was: Adam’s Yoga Book) by Anat Preiss, June 2016, Fiction & Nonfiction—Children’s Chapter Book, 15k words, publisher editorial management

Conviction by Kimberly Shursen, June 2016, Adult novel—Literary Thriller, 94k words

Cancer: The Best Gift of My Life (Working title was: Cancer: My Life Gift) by Yossi Rudoy, May 2016, Nonfiction—Autobiography, 84k words, publisher editorial management

Broken Leaves of Autumn (Working title was: Fallen Leaves of Autumn) by Eli Hai, May 2016, Adult novel—Literary Romance, 85k words, publisher editorial management

A Simple Life by Giora Amir, June 2016, Nonfiction—Memoir, 71.5k words

Ice Storm by Micki Kay Barrera, May 2016, Adult novel—Murder Mystery, 45k words (copyedited and proofread)

Ablution: The Beginning by Michael A. O’Riley, May 2016, YA/Adult novel—Dystopian, 53.5k words (copyedited and proofread)

EFC NYS-EAP Parent Overload Proposal by Gayle Smith, May 2016, Proposal with bio’s and resumes, 6.5k words

Dearie by Bruce Louis Dodson, April 2016, Nonfiction—Memoir, 48k words

Life With Uriel by David D’Or Fox, April 2016, Nonfiction—Memoir, 39k words

The 7 Acts of Courage: Bold Leadership for a Wholehearted Life by Robert E. Staub II, April 2016, Nonfiction—Motivational, 35.5k words

L’Europeano Storyteller: That's How the Mexicans Called Him (Working title was: L’Europeano) by Luigi di Belmonte, March–June 2016, Adult novel—Literary, 99.5k words

The Carnival and Worse Than a Spanking (Semi-Finalist, 2016 Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA) Competition, unpublished short fiction/flash fiction category) by Patricia Walker, March 2016, Short stories, 6k words

Think Yourself Happy by Greg Jacobson, March 2016, Nonfiction—Motivational, 14k words (also formatted)

A Ship-Load of Sea Stories & 1 Fairy Tale (Volume 1) by Lawrence K. Laswell, March 2016, Humor Memoir Anthology, 14k words

Book proposal by Kameron Bryant-Sergejev, February 2016, Nonfiction—Memoir, 3k words

Road Map to Health: 7 Steps to Alter Your Destination by Dr. Stacy Robinson, February 2016, Nonfiction—Educational, 37k words

The Thirteenth Star by Adam Peled, February 2016, Adult novel—Science Fiction, 71k words (creative rewriting and editing of Hebrew translation)

G.O.D. by Amy Glin, February 2016–April 2017, True Fiction, 67k words (Full-Package Edit)

Persuading Lola by Elke Feuer, January 2016, Adult novel—Romance, 29k words

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A Knock at the Door by Helen Yeomans, October 2015, Children’s Chapter Book, 6k words (rush job)

“Why You Want Arch Angels in Your Life During the Holidays” (USA Today article) by Kate Hellmers and Jacqueline Hellmers, October 2015, Nonfiction—Article, 2k words (rush job)

Caleb’s Lot by Kimberly Shursen, October–November 2015, Adult novel—Psychological Thriller, 96k words

The Unrelative Truth: Refining Language of Unity for Religion and Spirituality by Can Güralp, September 2015–August 2016, Nonfiction—Theology and Philosophy, 117k words (Full-Package Edit, also formatted)

I’ve Got Your Back: Help Children Say Hello to Friends & Goodbye to Bullies by Lorna Blumen and Staci Schwartz, September 2015, Nonfiction—Self-Help, 21.5k words (rush job)

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I Never Went to School by Kameron Bryant-Sergejev, April–December 2015, Nonfiction—Memoir, 80k words (Full-Package Edit)

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The Marathon Watch: Second Edition “Ross” by Lawrence K. Laswell, January 2015, Adult novel—Naval Historical, 94k words (rush job, manuscript evaluation)

Faith Forward: Wellness Tools for Creating Change—A Women’s Three-Point Harmony of Body, Mind, and Spirit AND Faith Forward: The Workbook—Creating Change Through Body, Mind, and Spirit Connections With Education, Inspiration, and Organization by Gayle Smith, December 2014–November 2015, Nonfiction—Spiritual Self-Help, 63k words (Full-Package Edits)

Luce (Dynam Book 2) by Samantha Peterson, December 2014, Adult novel—Mystery/Thriller, 88k words

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Two Short Stories by Dirk B. Sayers, June 2014, 3k words

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Changes by Gene Wolf, April 2014, YA/Adult novella—Science Fiction, 29k words

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Tangle Weed by John F Nienstedt, September 2013–July 2014, Short story collection, 20k words

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The Novel Writer’s Ultimate Guide by Ria Wood, April 2013, Nonfiction—Self-Help, 22.5k words (rush job, AuE)

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The Tipping Point by Walter Danley, March 2013, Adult novel—Mystery, 92k words (rush job)

Fable—Book 1 of the Lorn Prophecy by Lisa Fender and Toni Burns, February–March 2013, YA/Adult novel—Fantasy Adventure, 126k words

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Habits of the Highly Effective Entrepreneur by Richard Shaw III, December 2012, Nonfiction—Self-Help

TobakkoNacht—Fighting The Antismokers’ Endgame by Michael J. McFadden, December 2012–June 2013, Nonfiction—Education, 130k words

Destiny By Design by Richard Shaw III, December 2012, Nonfiction—Financial Self-Help

Budget Fishing for Canadian Brookies: A Guide for Planning Your Own Fly-In Fishing Trip by Richard Borden, November–December 2012, Nonfiction—Hobby/Travel

Ashes and Asphalt by Trevor Halloway, November 2012, Adult novel—Americana

The Adventures of Molly and Her Dollies by Mary Shepherd, November 2012–February 2013, Preschool Children’s Picture Book (developmental editing)

Impatience by Jason Gale, October–November 2012, YA/Adult novel—Science Fiction (AuE)

Flight by Jason Gale, October 2012, YA/Adult novel—Science Fiction, 66k words (AuE)

The Rabbit’s Man by Philip Oyok (aka Damien Dsoul), September–October 2012, Adult novel—Espionage (BrE)

Battles de l’Amour by Todd Allen, September 2012, Adult novel—Romance

The Bone War of McCurtain County by Russell Ferrell, August–November 2012, Nonfiction—Narrative

History of the Town of Martinsburg by Susan Adsit, August–September 2012, Nonfiction—Regional History

Full Circle (Working title was: A Jar of Broken Hearts) by Regina Timothy, July 2012–May 2013, Adult novel—Women’s, 125.5k words (Full-Package Edit, BrE)

Terror in the Heartland by Greg Johnson, March–June 2012, Adult novel—Adventure

Curdled Dream (Working title was: Leap From the Ledge) by M.R. Rambler, July–October 2012, Adult novel—Adventure, 98k words (BrE)

Too Many Kitties by Holly Cordova Gaskin, June 2012, Children’s Picture Book

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