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Adrienne Cliver: Devine Felines

I am writing a children's book, and I contacted Susan Uttendorfsky at Adirondack Editing. She was very professional and did a great job editing my book. I was very pleased. I would not want anyone else to edit my book for me. I will use Adirondack Editing in the near future for all of my books . It is a true pleasure working with Susan. I highly recommend Adirondack Editing to everyone.

July 3, 2012

Year first hired: 2012

Frank Golding: Casualty: Reconstructing a Family at War

Susan delivered more than expected, earlier than promised, and at a very reasonable cost. Very good value in all senses.

August 31, 2014

Year first hired: 2014

Nancy Henderson: Litter Boxes and Hairballs: My Life with Cats

Ms. Uttendorfsky's editing was above and beyond. I wish all editors were like her. Professional, encouraging, and a skilled eye. She made my book a better book, hands down.

January 9, 2014

Year first hired: 2013

Massimo Marino: The Rise of the Phoenix

I hired Susan to care for the copy editing of my last novel ‘The Rise of the Phoenix’ - Vol. 3 of the ‘Daimones Trilogy’.

I appreciated the punctual suggestions from Susan, and her attention to details — Susan provides her writers with additional material than just the editing corrections — that reflects in the quality of her work.

I collaborate with beta-readers and proofreading and line editing phases take place before working with the editor so this last pass needs to be the shining and finishing refinements that can come only from an expert in the subject. I was pleasantly surprised by her accuracy and her strict time management that allow her to finish her tasks even before the agreed deadline.

Susan is not the first editor I worked with and I will hire her for my next novel without a second thought.

May 24, 2014

Year first hired: 2014

John F Nienstedt: The Chantilly Lace

I've searched long and hard for a fiction editor that I can trust. I need someone who will do a thorough job with punctuation and grammar, and who isn't ridiculously expensive. I am so happy to have discovered Susan Uttendorfsky at Adirondack [Editing]. Not only is she thorough, but she is prompt and responsive. Because her rates are reasonable, I am able to send more of my projects her way. That's very important with two novels and a collection of short stories in my collection.

September 11, 2013

Year first hired: 2013; hired more than once

Bill Powell: A Girl Uploaded

While I had a good idea of what an appraisal of my MS might uncover, from some partial critiques (and which I did not share), Susan delivered an analysis that was more detailed than anything I'd seen, was consistent with my expectations, but also identified one or two more areas for work.

The final report was well laid out, so easy to understand, and made it easy for me to see what did (and what did not) need further work, both at the high level and at the individual line level.

After Susan's appraisal I believe my re-worked MS is now in good shape to go before an agent or an editor - and that represents money well spent.

June 26, 2014

Year first hired: 2014; hired more than once

Michael J. McFadden: TobakkoNacht - Fighting The Antismokers' Endgame

Susan has worked with me in great detail on a rather complex book project for several months. We are now drawing to an end and about ready to put a stamp of "FINIS!" on it.

1) I've been absolutely amazed at the amount of detailed help she's given me in my writing. When I wrote my first book, back almost ten years ago, I utilized nothing except my own eyes and those of a couple of friends for editing. While I think I did quite well with it, I can only imagine how much better it would have been if I'd had Susan involved!

2) As much as it'll be nice for me to stamp my own "Finis!" on the writing part of the work on my current baby, I'll miss the emails with Susan. One of the "editing recommend" choices given here is "Personable: works well with colleagues and clients" and she most certainly fills that category to perfection. She actually enjoys her work and the interactive discussions over debatable style issues and such, and it shows through clearly in her emails. There's never a sense of "Look, I told you what the rules were. That's my job here. Take it or leave it." If we've disagreed over some particularly arcane/obscure usage of a term or concept and I've put forth a good argument as to why I've chosen a particular approach and feel it's correct she's actually pleased to have learned something new rather than annoyed that I didn't just take "professional advice." The relationship felt far more like having an in-depth and interesting discussion with a knowledgeable friend than like the impersonal editing red-ink experience that I was expecting.

3) As noted at the start here, my book is rather complex: different styles in different sections, fiction/nonfiction, chatty/fun and hard science/numbers, tables and graphs mixed with satires about evil and sentient curls of crawling death -- not an easy mix for someone to competently grasp well enough for true copy/concept-editing if they don't already have a strong background in the subject area. When I started working with Susan I didn't expect much beyond the usual "red circles around typos" level of editing. I was deeply and most pleasantly surprised.

So, overall, Susan certainly gets five stars from me and I'd highly recommend her to anyone!

March 23, 2013

Year first hired: 2012

Mary Shepherd: The Adventures of Molly and Her Dollies

Susan worked very closely with me throughout my entire manuscript. She was very thorough and positive with critiquing. It has been a pleasure working with her. I will be working with her soon on my second book. I would highly recommend Susan. I met her in person at an author convention. I'm so glad we found each other.

February 25, 2013

Year first hired: 2012

Deborah Wise: Some Secret Place

I chose Susan as my editor because for a year I read her blogs giving advice to writers, and found them more helpful than anything else I read. When I initially contacted her, she made it obvious that she was ready and eager to meet my exact needs.

The editing service she subsequently provided was prompt, thorough, and within my budget. I have found working with Susan to be an enjoyable experience above and beyond my expectations.

July 25, 2014

Year first hired: 2014

Nan R. Johnson: Song of the Open Road

I am so glad I contracted with Susan to edit my manuscript. She earned my respect with her precision editing and she earned my trust with her spot-on suggestions, always delivered with kindness.

April 14, 2015

Year first hired: 2015; hired more than once

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