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Edited books used American spellings and style unless otherwise indicated.

Adirondack Editing’s professionals have, collectively, edited over 140+ books and materials. This is just a small sample of recent titles. For a full chronological project list, click here. For a list of edited books available on, click here.



Cascade by Richard James, April 2017, YA/Adult fiction—Action/Adventure/Thriller, 83k words

The Wanted by Barry Jay Freeman, November–December 2016, Adult fiction—Crime fiction, 78k words

Conviction by Kimberly Shursen, June 2016, Adult fiction—literary thriller, 94k words

Ice Storm by Micki Kay Barrera, May 2016, Adult novel—murder mystery, copyedited and proofread, 45k words

Caleb’s Lot by Kimberly Shursen, October–November 2015, Adult fiction—psychological thriller, 96k words

Luce by Samantha Peterson, December 2014, Adult novel—mystery/thriller, 88k words 



The Concertmaster (Editorially Managed) by Noam Ben-Zeev, April 2017, Non-fiction—Biography, interview, 47k words

Parenting (Editorially Managed) by Shay Or, March–April 2017, Non-fiction—Parenting book, religious, 67k words

Just the Way You Are by Neal G. Brownell, March 2017, Non-fiction—Educational, 22k words

Cancer Free (Short version) by Jenny Hrbacek, January 2017, Non-fiction—Medical, 37k words

The Unrelative Truth: Refining Language of Unity for Religion and Spirituality by Can Güralp, January 2017, Non-fiction—theology and philosophy, 119.5k words

Body, Pain & Spirit by Hayuta Epstein, December 2016–February 2017, Non-fiction—Medical, spiritual, 78.5k words


Children's Books

The Mystery of the Hidden Cabin by Marjorie Hembroff, January 2017, Children’s chapter book, 28.5k words

The Yellow Fish by Julin Evora, September 2016, Children’s book, 11k words

Sweet Baby Dearest by Sandi DeLand, January 2016, Children’s picture book, 600 words

Hearing the Word of God by Noel Jones, January 2016 (BrE), Children’s picture book, 900 words

The Amélie Mary Elizabeth Mysteries by Ian Welle-Skitt, December 2015, Children’s chapter book, 33k words (also formatted)

A Knock at the Door by Helen Yeomans, October 2015 (rush job), Children’s chapter book, 6k words


Science Fiction/Fantasy

2036 (Editorially Managed) by Zvi Speiser, April 2017, Adult Fiction—Religious science fiction, 107.5k words

Welcome to the Galaxy: or, How I Learned to Appreciate the Importance of a Good Flocking by Martin Tabat, December 2016, Adult fiction—Humorous science fiction, 94k words

It’s About Time by Lyle Howard, July–August 2016, Adult fiction—Science fiction thriller, 125k words

The Final Solution: Prossia Book 3 by Raphyel M. Jordan, June-July 2016, YA Science fiction—space opera, 218k words

Ablution: The Beginning by Michael A. O’Riley, May 2016, YA/Adult novel—dystopian, copyedited and proofread, 53.5k words

The Thirteenth Star by Adam Peled, February 2016, Adult novel—Science fiction, Creative rewriting and editing of translated novel, 71k words


Women's Fiction/Romance/Historical

Rahab and Joshua (Editorially Managed) by Rivka Gonen, April 2017, Adult Fiction—Historical fiction, religious, 61k words

From Siberia With Love (Books 1-4) by Ilana Cohen, February–April 2017, Adult fiction—Romance, 138k words

Persuading Lola by Elke Feuer, January 2016, Adult novel—Romance, 29k words

Casanova Cowboy by Jo Ann Bender, November 2015, Adult novel—Western romance, 53k words

A Shark in Love by Belinda King, May 2015 (CaE), Creative non-fiction, 30k words

Song of the Open Road by Nan R. Johnson, January–March 2015, Adult fiction—historical, 124k words



G.O.D. by Amy Glin, February 2016–April 2017, True fiction, Developmental editing, 67k words

A Ship-Load of Sea Stories & 1 Fairy Tale (Volume 1) by Lawrence K. Laswell, March 2016, Humor memoir anthology, 14k words

Gypsy Train by Harlem Quill, February 2015 (AuE), Adult fiction—literary, 67k words

Casualty:  Reconstructing a Family at War by Frank Golding, July 2014 (AuE), Narrative non-fiction, 72k words

Some Secret Place by Deborah Marree Wise, June 2014 (AuE), Adult novel—literary, 211.5k words

Everyone Evelon by Jo Ann Plante, February 2014, Adult novel—contemporary, 82k words


Stand-Alone MS Evaluations

Scarlett 2.0 by Helen Powers, August 2016, Adult fiction—Mystery thriller, Manuscript evaluation, 62k words

Who's Better? - Healing the Hate One Young Person at a Time by Neal G. Brownell, July 2016, YA educational, Manuscript evaluation, 21k words

Offbeat Yoga by E. Christine Haynes, January 2016, Non-fiction—self-help memoir, Manuscript evaluation, 71k words

Exit Row by Judi Culbertson, November 2015, Adult novel—suspense, Manuscript evaluation, 70k words

A Girl Uploaded by William Campbell Powell, June 2015, YA novel—science fiction, Manuscript evaluation, 90k words

From Tin to Gold by William Campbell Powell, June 2015, MG novel—historical mystery, Manuscript evaluation, 56k words


Miscellaneous Material Edited

Off the Rails: One Family’s Journey to the Wilderness and Back by Susan Burrowes, May 2017, Creative Non-Fiction (Memoir) proposal evaluated, 5k words

Book Tour info for website by Gayle Smith, October 2016, Non-fiction—Business Document, 2k words

Capacity Statement Document by Gayle Smith, October 2016, Non-fiction—Business Document, 700 words

Jumpstart Your Social Media by Elke Feuer, July 2016, Non-fiction—Self-help booklet, 1k words

EFC NYS-EAP Parent Overload Proposal by Gayle Smith, May 2016, Proposal with bio's and resumes, 6.5k words

The Carnival and Worse Than a Spanking (Semi-Finalist, 2016 Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA) Competition, unpublished short fiction/flash fiction category) by Patricia Walker, March 2016, Short stories, 6k words



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