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Adirondack Editing consists of six capable women—including five copy editors and one proofreader—with varying experience in terms of materials edited and length of time freelancing.

  • Susan Uttendorfsky, the owner and editorial manager, started Adirondack Editing in 2011 and has over 35 years’ experience in writing and editing.
  • Abby Marshall-Jaworski, Heath Sledge, Julie Willson, and Julie Marksteiner, experienced copy editors, have worked for many years on different kinds of material, from dissertations to novels to journal articles to marketing materials.
  • Anne-Marie Emerson McDonald is our excellent, well-trained proofreader.
  • In addition, clerical assistance for and between the editors is provided by Amy Babin Smith.

Collectively (like the Borg*), our qualifications include a law degree, a PhD in English literature, two BAs in psychology, and many editing courses and continuing education classes, both currently ongoing and completed. We’ve edited over 268 fiction and non-fiction books for customers in over 24 countries. The 110 genres/categories we’ve covered are listed below.**


With multiple professional editors on board, Adirondack Editing is positioned to schedule your edit today!


110 Genres as of Feb 2017


*We have to admit that one of us didn’t know who the Borg are. If you’re contacting us about a science fiction edit, take a guess which one is not a Trekkie. If you’re right, we'll give you $100 off any edit totaling more than $500!
**Data as of March 2017.

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