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You’ve been staring at your book for months, if not years. You’ve revised and rewritten as needed. You can’t look at it another time without going cross-eyed, and even if you did, you probably wouldn’t even see the errors that might be there. You’re all set to send it to a publisher or self-publish—you think. That’s where I come in.


I've got an eagle eye for errors! You need a pair of fresh eyes.


Spell check can’t give you the human quality of determining the context of your words:

  • There, their, or they're?
  • Caret, karet, carat, or carrot?
  • It's or its?
  • Passed or past?
  • Aisle, I'll, or isle?
  • Peek, peak, or pique? 


Adirondack Editing offers professional proofreading, copyediting, and developmental editing for fiction and non-fiction books. 

  • Did you really say what you meant to say? 
  • Did you use the best noun or verb for the situation? 
  • Is your book ready for publication? 


Get the professional answers to those important questions in a warm, friendly, engaging manner that will assist you to be the best writer you can be. 

And if you need it tomorrow—literally!—I can do that, too.

I also offer other services to writers: Manuscript Extraction (text analysis) and stand-alone Manuscript Evaluation. These are explained on my Non-Editing Services page. Formatting is also available and is discussed on the appropriate page.


In 2016, 76% of my clients were repeat customers. 
Will you be one in 2017?


Susan Uttendorfsky
Owner, Certified Copyeditor, Book Editor

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